Monday, December 8, 2008


In the January 2009 Issue of Golf Digest, Tiger Wood's caddie Steve Wiliams indicated that Tiger normally only hit a lob wedge of 60 degrees up to 85 yards. I would have thought it would be a little longer than that. As an amateur who drives the ball about 30-40 yards behind Tiger, I would have to think, based on Tiger's standards, that I would be unwise to try to hit a lob wedge more than 55 or 60 yards. What is the longest you use your 60 degree wedge for? If the best player in the world only hits it 85 yards, he must only be half swinging his wedge shots. There should be a huge lesson in this for us all. So who out there dares to hit a lob wedge with a full or even 3/4 swing? Does anyone think Phil Mickleson hits a 60 degree wedge no more than 85 yards? So is it smart to hit any wedge shot inside of 100 yards with more than a 1/2 swing?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Laser or GPS?

Which in your experience is best for club distance decision making, a laser gun or a GPS device like Sky Caddie?