Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The key to hitting excellent golf shots is based upon squaring the clubface up at impact, right? But when the wrists are rolling over at impact to do so, incredible inconsistency results. Too much timing is in the mix. But Hogan, Tiger, and all the greats discovered that. They used or use another method to square the clubface. It is not based on timing or wrist rolling. Great players square up the clubface at impact by unwinding the hips. In a very precise manner. Exactly so that the hips are leading the downswing to the degree of being OPEN at impact. There is no other reliable way.

It is that simple, yet that hard. Simple, because that idea seems easy enough to say, and seems easy to grasp. But it is so hard, because that move is in reality not easy to adopt johnny on the spot, but is a highly trained, sophisticated move to learn. But with a little patience and practice with a few drills you too can "get it".

Ricky Barnes's swing in the 2009 U.S. Open lacked any hip drive in the downswing, and his off balance finish revealed that his arms got faster and faster and he lost control of his swing and the ball. The right move comes only to the golfers who are "lucky" enough to unwind the hips naturally - without trying (and that's very rare, believe me!) - or to those who really know how to learn and improve that move. You can learn and improve that move too. I promise that if you read "Breakthrough in Golf", you will learn it and fully understand it. And you will learn how to build Hip to Hip into your muscle memory, which is the real secret of golf.