Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hip to Hip is a new breakthrough method of understanding the golf swing. It is based on the simple principle that the golf swing is only composed of three moving parts - the arms swinging, the shoulders turning and the hips turning. The bottom foundation of the shoulder turn and the whole golf swing is the proper winding and unwinding of the hips. It is simple to learn, and easy to improve through drills. And it will actually square the clubface at impact in a manner that is extremely more consistent than manipulating the clubface with your hands or wrists, which is a disaster that causes the worst kind of inconsistency.

Far too many books and teachers of golf focus too much on the arms and the clubshaft movement and not enough on a strong hip turn. It does take a lot of practice and work to develop a good hip turn, but the move itself is simple and anyone can learn to do it right. Even Charles Barkley, who, if he focused on his hips winding and unwinding correctly, would fix his swing RIGHT NOW. I invite you to take a look at Breakthrough in Golf. It will NOT fill you head with mechanical golf technique and mess up your mind. Instead it will free your mind of clutter, eliminate paralysis with analysis and give you an overall golf swing philosophy and fundamental understanding so that you can judge any golf swing tip or method with your own litmus test. You will learn how to understand the golf swing just like Tiger Woods or Ben Hogan. Wouldn't you like to get to that level of understanding? So give it a try. I guarantee that you will come to understand how to hit a golf ball like you never have before. And if you don't I will be glad to give you your money back for the purchase price of the book.

Curtis Elliott
Author of Breakthrough in Golf and the Hip to Hip Method