Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What is the Best Technique You Have Found to Quickly Develop Putting Speed Control?

One great idea is to read Dave Peltz's book on putting.


Curtis Elliott said...
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Curtis Elliott said...

One of the best insights I learned of recently was by Peltz in Golf Digest. He said a study was done on the top amateur players in national tournaments across the U.S. and it was found that on 30 foot putts, they would usually putt to within 2-3 feet all around the hole. But on the Tour, Shot Link statistics revealed that the pros were putting over 95% of their putts to stop 2-3 from the hole but BEHIND the hole, never short or to the side. That can change how you practice putting lag putts.

Curtis Elliott said...

Another idea is to stand 20-30 feet from a hole and roll 5-10 balls to the hole bowling ball style to generate feel quickly.