Thursday, April 23, 2009


Question: Is Charles Barkley on the right road to golf swing recovery? Hank Haney claims his problem is not in his head but his swing. I claim his swing problem is not in his arm swing or arm swing plane but in his hips. If he learned to swiftly and strongly rotate his hips properly on the downswing, he will immediately stop dipping his head and hitching his downswing. He is on the wrong path of re-engineering his swing and the sooner his hips start moving the better he will immediately be.

Do you think he is on the right path to swing improvement?

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Denny said...

NO!!! Charles Barkley's problem is in his head. He is getting to the poin where he is not able to "pull the trigger" on his swing. He needs to relax and just hit the ball and quit thinking about it. He was (is) a good enough athlete that once he commits to a swing, he need to let it loose and no regrets.